This catalpa tree was struck by lightening. It's experience has left it fractured, yet it lives. In the summer, it provides cooling shade and low branches from which children playfully swing.


Ecumenical: adjective - promoting unity among Christian Churches. ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense [belonging to the universal Church] ): via late Latin from Greek

oikoumenikos, from oikoumene ‘the (inhabited) earth.’

Endeavors: noun (plural) - attempts to achieve a goal;

Origin: late Middle English (in the sense [exert oneself]) from the phrase put oneself in devoir [do one's utmost] .

Ecumenical Endeavors is the personal ministry of Kelly Craft.  EE is Christian in its origin, and as such, seeks to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in sacrificial humility for the purpose of Christian unity and interfaith reconciliation.  All its efforts find their impetus from this hermeneutical principle:  the love of God, self, neighbor and enemy.  Kelly is the interim pastor of Highland Drive Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Jonesboro, AR and is a minister in good standing within the Great River Region of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.

Ecumenical Endeavors seeks to find working relationships with other people of good will to create musical events that heal fractured faith communities, that promote interfaith and racial reconciliation, and the transformation of personal loss from community violence into survivor missions.

The trees to the right are near my home. The splintered catalpa speaks to me of survival from trauma while the pink dogwood speaks to me of perseverance through hardship. 

More will be revealed.

This pink dogwood survived the winter of 2009.  The massive amount of snow brought forth an unprecedented amount of large vibrant blossoms.